Inside Brian Bonar’s restaurant that is fit for a queen

Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar decided to build a restaurant in the small empire of North County. For a start, he began small with the bistro, which is Bellamy’s current home. It has been a while and there a lot of progressive work to say about this bistro. At Bellamy, you are not welcomed by mermaid-hostess on the streets asking you for dinner.

Bartenders here sport moustaches and suspenders; it is only because they have done this for decades. For this place, it is the classic cars that bring people together.

Bored teenagers flock the mall food courts with a cranky look and tons of jewelry with them, it seems like every part of the city till you meet the small difference. There is a grandfatherly police at the view of such suspicion. Well, leave the noisy teenagers, her Majesty the Queen recently made a grand entrance to this restaurant too.

At one Tuesday evening, within the company of Princess Royal, she made an entry to the executive eatery. She would tell you that many factors make the choice of a place for a dinner; venue, the ambience, the food, the wine list and perhaps the décor and lighting.

For people that want to see and be seen, then charm your way into Brian Bonar restaurant. You will get past the doorman and find yourself in Berkeley’s ladies, be sure to drive into shoals of them. This was the restaurant too where the queen was headed to celebrate the 90th birthday with one of her oldest friends. The former lady-in-waiting Lady Penn celebrated her birthdays here. The distinction with this restaurant is in its high society and aristocracy that brings the highest form of difference.

 About Brian Bonar

According to Dalrada, Brian Bonar is simply a lover of design who pays close attention to his approach to principle. He has in the past brought his collective expertise and design to build an executive eatery location. He is an expert in land use approvals, building design, procurement, contract administration guide and development.

These skills have given him the ability to bring stakeholders together for a greater good. The Bellamy’s is one such public display of his good work. It is quite a restaurant, so good that it is literally fit for the queen.

Throughout his career, Brian has always developed himself as a leader and someone of good reputation. He is inspired to achieve his goals and lives to the aspirations of his team members, his clients and all the extended partners in his projects. Brian has a diverse blend of skills and experience.

His portfolio features an array of disciples that includes retail, aviation, family housing and more so creative projects. He has beautifully blended his skills to build great teams, great projects, and a great client relationship.

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Social Media For Online Reputation Management

Perhaps the easiest way to manage online reputation is to use social media. Social media is where the business owner and other types of people interact with society. When one uses social media, he will present more of himself to the audience. Social media is how people learn more about any given person. This is also how they interact with the user. The important thing is to exercise wisdom in using any platform. Of course, sometimes people will say unkind things about your company or brand and in this case you will have to exercise crisis communication tactics. Among the things that one should do is keep the content that he is presenting mostly positive. He must also avoid any long drawn out arguments. Even discussions can get a little messy on one side or the other.

While it is a little easier to manage social media accounts, it is still a good idea to hire the help of professional online reputation management companies such as Reputation Management Fixers. They are good about handling the many different aspects of online reputation management. For one thing, they have a lot of time to manage reputation since that is their job. Business owners as well as other types of clients tend to not have that much time for online reputation management. This is why they are better off handing the job to others like Reputation Management Fixers.

Social media is also good for bringing a website to the front page of search results. If the user learns about all of the different features of the social media platform he is using, then he could effectively bring a lot of attention to his company. He could also present a positive image of himself and his company. This would also help bury negative search results so that this is not the first thing potential customers see. When one takes the time to build a strong reputation and a loyal circle, then he will be better able to avoid any pitfalls that come with online reputation crises.

The Dangers of Petroleum Based Lip Balms

Petroleum is one chemical that you will want to avoid when purchasing your next skin care or lip balm product. This substance appears to be extra moisturizing and skin nourishing, but it is actually a byproduct of refined oil. Not to mention that it is not eco-friendly nor biodegradable.

Lip balms that contain this crude oil will clog the skin and lock in dirt. It will also be easier to swallow since it is close to the mouth. If the manufacturer does not use extra pure and refined petroleum, there is a chance that it may become carcinogenic.

The Evolution of Smooth lip products are 100% petroleum-free. Their products provide skin repairing properties such as vitamins, such as A,C and E. The moisturizing comes from an array of all natural oils such as olive, coconut and jojoba. These oils are completely natural and are excellent for the skin.

Olive oil is one of the main ingredients in EOS formulations and for a good reason. It is one of the most concentrated, all natural forms of vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as a potent antioxidant and helps the skin to retain natural moisture. Frequently providing the skin with topical vitamin E can encourage cell turnover and healthier lips.

Beeswax is another prominent moisturizer in EOS balms. This substance, like petroleum, has a thick consistency and a high-water resistance. However, beeswax is all natural and nourishing for the skin. Being a source of vitamin A, it can assist with collagen production in skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can speed up wound healing. Check out for the list of EOS balms.

It is always best to check the ingredient list on your favorite lip care products. Opting for lip balms with all natural ingredients will be better for your health, body and the environment. Always remember to avoid products containing petroleum if possible. For more info, visit the company’s Linked In page.

Want EOS lip balms? Check these out!


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IAP Worldwide Helps Makes The Impossible The Possible

In contemporary society, those who are in the field of business are under certain expectations. Company officials are fully aware that they must help strive to meet their consumer’s demands in every way and do so well. Working towards excellence at every turn is something that those at IAP Worldwide Services understand. Employees and those who run the company are aware of the need to help make sure that the company delivers for their customers. At all times, they work together to meet the needs of clients. Everyone here knows that their clients count on them to help get things done.

Focusing On Certain Goals

In order to help keep to such standards here, officials at the company know that focus is very important. Such focus allows those here to be aware of the needs of their clients and figure out how to help meet them. At IAP Worldwide Services, everyone is united in pursuit of this singular goal. All the employees and the managers aim to work as one in order to help make sure the company can provide for their clients and provide for them well. This is why the company has earned a fine reputation in their primary field.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

Various Industries

Today’s employees at IAP Worldwide are spread across multiple industries. Those at IAP Worldwide Services are hired for their skills in fields as diverse as aeronautics, engineering and computer technology. Many employees bring years of experience to the table in a specific field such as aviation, allowing them to provide clients of the company access to impressive insights and problem solving skills that are ideal for their needs. Company officials hope to continue to see an expansion in the employee base that allows the company to further develop into new fields as well as provide excellence in the company’s existing divisions.

Always Expanding

It is with this goal in mind that company officials have announced via PR Newswire, their intention to continue expanding into new industries and continue to seek out new opportunities. Company officials have purchased two new business units, units that they know will help the company continue to provide excellence services for all their customers. This kind of thinking is how officials here are going to approach the future as they look into new fields. The focus is always on offering new ways of viewing the world and providing new solutions in various kinds of fields.

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Elegance Beyond Compare: Tarallucci e Vino

125 W. 55th St., Midtown -212.245.7400

Nestled in Midtown, this authentic seafood haven away from one’s busy life is refreshing like a sea breeze off of the coast of Greece. From the moment someone walks into Milos, they’ll feel enveloped in Grecian culture as their eyes drink in the genuine decor, its airy tall ceilings and exotic ambiance sweeps them away. Their succulent menu of items such as Greek mezze, fried zucchini, fresh salads, tuna burgers, succulent dips, grilled octopus and more are sure to delight the senses. For a more intimate dining experience, they also have a gorgeous private room upstairs that’s sure to tantalize invited guests.

Duane St., Tribeca /212.571.8880

If someone’s looking for a festive, carefree dining experience where a table full of guests are close enough to share the joys of the day and some laughter after a good joke, then this is the place. Fashioned right out of Austria and Germany, the Blaue Gans takes a tired mind away to the feel of a quaint little German/Austrian pub where close friends, authentic spirits, and marvelously genuine cuisine entice every one of the senses. Their versatile menu combines the usual wiener schnitzel and wurst, then adds a genuine flavor of native ingredients such as beef goulash, 100% authentic sauerkraut, and spätzle. For dessert, warm the soul with a hearty kaiserschmarrn stuffed with apple filling and topped with powdered sugar. If all the above isn’t delightful enough, the entire place can be rented to impress guests for a private gathering.


East Village
163 First Avenue NY, NY 10003– 212.228 5400
Union Square
15 East 18th St NY, NY 10003 – 212.228.5400
Upper West Side
475 Columbus NY, NY 10024 – 212.362.5454
Cooper Hewitt
9 East 90th St., NY, NY 10128 (212) 849 NoMad
44 East 28th St., NY, NY 10016 (212) 779 1100

Elegance and inspiration interwoven with upscale class and royalty is what will be experience at Tarallucci e Vino. Along with masterchefs providing artistic Italian dishes that are sure to please not only the pallet but the eye as well, guests will be thrilled with gorgeous event spaces that are fit-for-a-king. There are breathtaking rooms echoing a rich ambiance to serve the needs of both large and small groups. Serviced by a staff that pride their selves in taking exhaustive efforts to not let any detail go unturned, one will be stunned by the care taken to make the specifics of any special day perfect.

The Tarallucci e Vino has both on and off-site catering and several locations throughout New York to choose from. They allow their guests to specify exactly how they want their event to be and take note of the tiniest subtlety; they’ll do everything in their power to create the atmosphere pictured in the mind when the event was planned. Once the sophistication of this place and the professionalism of the staff is experienced, it will surely be decided that no other venue will do.

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Enjoy Unique Experience With The Tarallucci E Vino Event Space And Planning Service

Many people who like travelling would also like to spend some time in awesome locations. There are hotels in many locations that offer custom menus and well designed living areas. The NYC area has hundreds of Italian restaurants that one can choose and each is designed to offer a unique experience to the guests.

However, many people spend a lot of time trying to choose since they would like to visit a venue that will ignite their happiness and allow them to enjoy the event. To make it easier to choose, here are several restaurants that have been rated among the best that one should consider visiting.

Gramercy Tavern
For over 20 years, the Gramercy Tavern restaurant has been a preferred spot and many are the times when you will find it packed full with guests. All this can be attributed to the culinary mastery that most of its chefs have and the ambiance offered by the smooth and cool design of the restaurant. One can request the seasonal and local American cuisine as well as a custom menu for events and special occasions. On top of the beautiful service offered, the restaurant offers a private room that is unique and reserved for private events.

ZZ’s Clam Bar
The 12-seat jewel is designed with a theme reminiscent of the modern city life and getting a private room in this location is not easy since people scramble for the awesome space. It is advisable to make early reservations to enjoy the awesome experience. The restaurant serves sea food, specifically raw fish and out-of-this-world cocktails. Generally, guests are made to sample several cocktails including playful presentations beginning with a tea cup to cool drinks. It’s a highly regarded venue that people wills always flock their applications for reservations for events.

Tarallucci E Vino
The Tarallucci E Vino, which is located in Union Square, offers awesome event space perfect for any kind of occasion. In the presence of Chef Riccardo Bilotta, clients are offered a custom menu that incorporates a blend of Italian cuisine and techniques drawn from modern culinary art that many people can relate with.

At the Mazzanine, guests can experience the intimate atmosphere that is offered with the perfection ideal for a gathering of at least 30 guests or a party of about 80 people. The space is warm and sophisticated in a manner that makes everyone to feel a home. There is also a bar, custom brick tables and lounge area as well as antique cabinets. The 6th floor loft is both spacious and elegant and can be used to host any type of event. Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate meeting, the space allows easy customization.

To make reservations you need to get in touch with the management through their online portal. Note there is a link for direct application that also allows you to specify the venue you want among the six offered by Tarallucci E Vino. You can also offer additional information like the type of cuisine you want and theme.

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The Convenience of the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Resort

The Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe has become one of the most popular vacation spots in all of California. It has become the one stop shop for all travelers that love ski resorts. When it comes to ski resorts this is one of the best around. There are a plethora of different activities for people to engage in. Many families that come here will discover that there are a lot of opportunities to spend family time together. Families can engage in hiking activities or roller skating. There are also classes for children that do not know how to ski.

The Squaw Valley Resort has become a favorite among many people that are simply trying to find an enjoyable get away for the families. This is a nice place to visit because it has activities like rock climbing and a rope courses. This is something that is fun for adults and children of all different ages.

Many people have been impressed with the looks and feel of Lake Tahoe. It has become one of the best places for people that want to go on vacation and experience a lot of different types of activities. One might never consider the fact that there are things like golf when there are also things like skiing in the same resort, but both activities are available here.


The thing that many couples may like to do is simply sit back and enjoy the scenery as they walk on the premises. The Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Resort is a beautiful place for those that just want to take in the view. It is also quite beneficial to come to this area and check out the shops. There really is no need to leave the resort. There are restaurants and shops that allow people to get everything that they need where they are.

Some people that travel may not be very interested in going from one location to another just to find a place to shop or eat. While vacationing they may want to lodge, eat, shop and engage in activities while they are on vacation all without leaving the premises. This is why the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Resort has become such a popular spot. It gives people a level of convenience that they could not find anywhere else. The fact that everything is in one place allows people to make the most of their vacation time.

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Dick DeVos And His Passion For Business, Politics And People

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos who is known for being the co-founder of the Amway Corporation alongside Jay Van Andel. The Amway Corporation specializes in the distribution of household, health and personal care products though its network of independent business owners around the globe. Their business model is known as the direct sales model and is one of the fastest growing industries.

Dick DeVos has been involved in his fathers business for many years and has occupied many senior positions. He was appointed the position of Vice President of the Amway Corporation in 1984 where he had the duty of overseeing the operations in over 18 countries globally. He held this position up until 1989 where he decided to start his own venture which is known as The Windquest Group. This company does both manufacture and distribution of closet and storage organizers.

The franchise known as the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise was bought by Richard DeVos senior and was then passed onto Dick DeVos to manage under his fathers instruction. Dick DeVos did so but remained active in the management of the Windquest Group.

In 1993 which is 2 years after Dick DeVos took up management of the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise he went back to the Amway Corporation and took up the position of President. This was in succession of his father who retired. During this time Dick DeVos played a pivotal role in the restructuring of the Amway Corporation. The change was the formation of an umbrella firm known as the Alticore Corporation. This corporation was the combination of 3 separate entities known as the Access Business Group, the Amway Corporation and the Quixtar Corporation. Due to this restructuring the company spread it’s reach further and opened up in an additional 50 countries globally. These countries are featured on 6 continents in total.

Dick DeVos was the driving force behind the expansion but in 2002 he retired from his position as President of the Amway Corporation to further pursue his own private venture the Windquest Group. He took up the position as president of the Windquest Group as well as pursuing further political matters close to his heart.

This great passion for politics saw Dick DeVos run for the Governor position in the state of Michigan. This however did not come to fruition.

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White Shark Media Sets Example On Handling Business Complaints

White Shark Media Complaints team has done what more of us wish we could do. They have taken their complaints and criticism from customers and turned them into a positive learning experience. Over the years, they have received a significant amount of complaints from clients, and they admit they they have had a few complaints of their own.

It should always be kept in mind that building a company from the ground up takes time and true effort. it is a matter of trial and error, learning what works best for the business and most importantly their clients.

White Shark Media admits to their share of mistakes, and believes that they have paid their debt one way or another. Better service and a better relationship with their clients s the end result of applying the criticism and complaints effectively to come to a solution. They have a goal on using each customer complaint constructively from this point on, and are willing to share the secret to turning a complaint into a compliment.

Taking a deep look at each complaint, White Shark Media took time to analyze what the issue was, and the best way to approach it. They began to empathize with their clients in an attempt to better understand their concerns. They have made steps to improve the communication between themselves and their clients, making sure a thorough explanation of each process is provided prior to starting.

WSM Video:

We have all dealt with a company that seemed impossible to reach when we needed them the most. Majority of the complaints White Shark Media received were related to communication and the difficulty of getting in touch with their contact person. his can be extremely frustrating and can often deter clients from using a certain platform. They have also implemented a schedule for monthly GoTomeetings to take place. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

The recent changes made by white Shark media show their true commitment to maintaining a trusting relationship with their clients. They have shown a genuine attempt to improve in the areas their clients expressed concern. In every way they have attempted to turn the almost overwhelming number of complaints they have received to an abundance of compliments from their satisfied clients.

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Getting the Most from NutriMost

NutriMost, a weight loss program that has been steadily growing in popularity, released a promotional video to their website only to have it hijacked by a rival company. Healthy Living removed all references to NutriMost in the video and replaced them with “Can’t Lose Diet”, then uploaded it to their own website. Healthy Living even kept the personal testimonials from NutriMost’s consumers in the pirated version.
After getting a cease-and-desist letter, Healthy Living just replaced the stolen video with a briefer version. NutriMost has filed a lawsuit against Healthy Living for theft and loss of “goodwill and reputation”. They’re seeking compensation of at least $300,000 and a court order to prevent them from using the video on their site again.
NutriMost is not a “fad diet”. It’s a revolutionary system that uses computer scanning technology to get to the root of the client’s health concerns and transpose their bodies from the inside out to a healthier balance and lifestyle. During the free consultation, you will get a Body Composition Analysis. This includes your metabolic age, BMI, and your water and fat percentage.
Upon registering for the program, you will learn valuable information such as foods that are biologically appropriate for your body and which foods you should avoid. Believe it or not, water is one of the most significant components of this plan. “If your body is not hydrated, your organs are not going to work well,” says NutriMost Nebraska Director Stefani Brown, “hydration is key to this program,”
NutriMost promises its customers they will lose anywhere from 20 to 45 pounds or more in 40 days. Through NRF (NutriMost resonant frequency technology) they can determine factors like controlling your appetite, detoxification, hormonal balancing, and fat burning and storage. The program is doctor supervised and doesn’t include drugs/hormones or prepackaged meals like most diets. Exercise is completely optional but is not required to start losing weight. Camille Wiens, the health coach for NutriMost Nebraska in Grand Islands, stated that “When you are done and get through this program, we have pretty much given you all the tools to go on and have a healthy life.”

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